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Vibration monitoring during tunnels excavation, especially under city centers for new metro lines or train stations, is critical to ensure high sustainability of the existing constructions.


Vibration monitoring during pile driving activities can be performed with dedicated instrumentation such as MR3000C devices.


Seismic motion instrumentation on dams to ensure safety and sustainability of the structure


Vibration measurements to evaluate traffic and rail induced vibrations for structural health and human comfort


Genuine vibration monitoring solutions

Syscom Instruments is a leading supplier of high quality vibration and seismic monitoring equipment for civil engineering,
strong motion and safety industries. Syscom manufactures tailored instruments and software solutions for
easy remote data acquisition and better throughput.

Civil engineering

Strong motion


Latest News

SCS – new vibration compliance curves – VC curves

SCS – new vibration compliance curves – VC curves

Syscom Cloud Software - New VC curves The Vibration Criteria (VC) curves are available in the SCS for the automatic norm comparison and alarming. The following VC-curves are implemented:• ISO-Workshop / Office / Residential day / Operating theatre• VC-A / B / C / D /...

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