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Electrical sub-stations

These electrical sub-station facilities require continuous monitoring through permanent acceleration sensors designed to detect PGA (Peak Ground Accelerations) at their specific locations, enabling a rapid assessment of structural condition. This practice is commonly known as structural strong motion monitoring. The deployment of autonomous, cost-effective sensors across multiple locations is crucial for generating actionable, data-driven emergency plans aimed at optimizing post-earthquake mitigation efforts. Given the electric grid’s integral role in critical infrastructure, ensuring robust monitoring contributes significantly to operational resilience.

The main features are:

  • MEMS based acceleration sensors with linear frequency response
  • Very accurate absolute time synchronization, in the micro-second range (μs)
  • Trigger-based recording able to capture P and S waves.
  • Autonomous devices with automated levelling and orientation, easily and quickly installed on site, in a cable-free manner
  • Straightforward data processing, using a cloud platform, typically Syscom Cloud Software (SCS)
  • Response spectrum (RSP) alarm based notifications