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Marmot is a Seismic Monitoring and Trip System perfectly responding to the increasing safety requirements in sensitive industries such as Nuclear Power Plants (NPP), Nuclear Storage Facilities, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), refineries and many more. The system measures and systematically analyses tremors occurring at different points in a facility and quickly recognizes dangerous vibration patterns. With its distributed intelligence it guarantees reliable alarms for automatic shutdown (Trip) information impacted by earthquakes on the structures.

The Marmot system is composed by:

  • Sensors, measuring the accelerations in different zones of the plant.
  • Recorders, savings the measures and transmitting alarms and data.
  • The Network Control Center (NCC), centralizing all information and synchronizing the recorders. It is to be considered as the brain of the system.
  • The software package, managing the system and providing a first near real-time data evaluation.

Two types of recorders are available:

  • MRSK – Seismic switch (Cat A/ SIL 2, SIL3 in double or triple redundancies)
  • MR2002-SM24-K (Cat C)

Syscom Marmot system complies with all relevant standards (e.g. IEC 61508, IEC 60780, and IEC 60880) applicable in these industries, fully tested and certified by the TÜV-Rheinland organization.

The Marmot system is based on a highly reliable distributed and redundant recording system coupled with solid-state sensors. It is also based on Syscom’s experience of more than 25 years in development and production of strong motion instrumentation, primarily for the nuclear industry. The system was named like the marmot, the animal known for having one of most effective warning systems in the world.

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The main applications for Marmot

Seismic monitoring systems for safety and safety related industries where highly qualified seismic instrumentation is required. Marmot solution is the reference for NPPs and LNGs plants and is already equipping most of the nuclear plants all around the world.


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