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Network Control Center

The NCC2002 Network Control Center enables the interconnection of up to 16 MRSK2002 or MR2002-SM24-K strong motion recorders in a star topology network. Data acquisition and recording is performed by the MRs, acting as autonomous units.
Their activities are coordinated by the NCC, which continuously monitors the operating status of each MR in the network and performs common trigger, time synchronization (common sampling) and high and low level alarms activation. The alarm combinations and levels, as well as the common trigger configurations, are all individually programmable.
The NCC acts as a software switch to provide normal access to any MR in the network. The NCC may be connected directly to a computer for online monitoring and automatic data retrieval (EMON software), data analysis (EAW software) and Email alerting (EMAIL software).

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Main features

  • Coordination and synchronization of up to 16 MR2002 recorders
  • Ideal for rack mounting
  • IP 54 protection degree
  • Selectable trigger master/slave configuration
  • Selectable alarm combinations
  • Connectable to pc for online monitoring, data retrieval (EMON software), data analysis (EAW software), Email alerting (EMAIL software).


Datasheet NCC2002

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