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Syscom Cloud Software (SCS)

The SCS (Syscom Cloud Software – is a turnkey solution for the visualization, management and reporting of data coming from any MR3003 or ROCK instruments. It provides easy access from anywhere to the vibration recordings as it is cloud based, centralize all the information from your monitoring projects and provide a global overview of the instrumentation at a glance.

The only requisite is the need of an Internet access, then the Syscom devices connect to SCS in the following way:

  • MR3003 devices are manually updated to the SCS, by means of a unique code
  • ROCK devices are automatically connected to the SCS.

For instrumentation management, all the devices are inserted in a pool and can be assigned to different monitoring projects. The user can see all the latest alarms and warnings coming from the instruments in near real-time and define the desired reporting templates, automatically created by the SCS for each event or background file. Events and backgrounds can be freely exported in XMR/BMR or ASCII file formats.

The Syscom Cloud Software allows to easily share the vibration monitoring information to third parties, and in order to efficiently control this aspect, three access levels to the cloud are available:

  1. Administrator rights with full access to all the projects
  2. Read/Write rights with full access to one specific project
  3. View only rights with visualization only to one specific project.

The SCS offers the flexibility to move instruments from a project to another, archive or delete old projects and enable/disable the connection of each MR3003 to the cloud software. The software is following a pay per use only model based on tokens (1 token allows 1 MR3003 to upload data to the SCS during a period of 30 days) and a rental based model for the ROCK.

The most important parameters inside the MR3003 can also be modified from the SCS, especially the ones about event recording, background recording and alarming.

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Main features

  • Automated access via a unique code
  • Access via any web browser
  • Open architecture with non-corruptible data
  • Management by projects
  • 3 access levels (Admin, User, Viewer)
  • Pay per use only, based on tokens (1 token allows 1 MR3003 to upload data to the SCS during a period of 30 days)
  • Visualization of events and background data
  • Data export in ASCII, XMR, BMR format
  • Graphical comparison with standard regulations
  • Automatic user-defined reporting
  • Alarms and state-of-health conditions
  • Parametrization of MR3003 and ROCK remotely

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