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Safety Software

Dedicated software for management of recorded data

Syscom has built different software able to elaborate, compute, manage, visualize, alert and communicate the relevant measured data. After an earthquake, the monitoring module EMON downloads the data from the MR (local digitizing/recording unit) and stores the recordings as a binary file on the hard-disk of a PC. Moreover, it continuously monitors all functions of the seismic instrumentation. Any failure or malfunction is recorded in a LOG-file. Additionally, the data analysis software EAW is started, performing an automatic analysis and computation of the records. EMAIL checks the LOG-file for new entries and forward them to assigned staff members by Email.

The standard PC software WINCOM is used to carry out standard maintenance procedures. WINCOM allows the user to modify any parameters in the MR and the NCC (Network Control Center). Manual data download from the MR is possible as well. WINCOM software is a terminal to access and manage the parameters of each recorder MR. It is always used in communication with the MRs in the network, especially for set-up and maintenance purposes.

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Main features

  • Establishment of connection with MR
  • Provision of information on recorder and on sensor
  • Manual data retrieval if the network is down
  • Set-up of working parameters for MR, NCC and for alerting
  • Performing system test on MR
  • Display system state of health


EMON is the earthquake monitoring software, the core software of the entire architecture.

  • Creation, continuous updating and visualization of information coming from the MR and the NCC
    • current state-of-health (SOH)
    • current status information (Recording / Trigger / Alarms )
    • memory content of each MR
  • Visualization of qualitative information (exceeded OBE / SSE levels, trigger)
  • Visualization of quantitative information (peak values of last event) for emergency actions
  • Launch of EAW software
  • Start and end time of EMON are documented in a LOG-File


EAW (Earthquake Analysis Waveform) is the software for visualization and analysis of the recorded data. It provides all the necessary tools for an automated analysis of digital earthquake records.In compliance with US-Reg Guide 1.12 and the German KTA 2201.5 and 2201.

  • Visualization of the time-histories for each location
  • Display of OBE/SSE alarm levels
  • Computation of the peak value of the maximum resulting horizontal acceleration vector sum, for each location
  • Comparison of response spectra with the user specified reference spectra for OBE and SSE (location specific)
  • Display of the Cumulative Absolute Velocity (CAV) and comparison with user specified values for OBE and SSE
  • Results printable as a report


EMAIL is the software that automatically sends the e-mails to the desired receivers. It cooperates with EMON by scanning the new entries on the log-file.

  • Individual user or user group can be created for each message type
  • E-mails are distributed to an e-mail server using SMTP
  • A MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) can be installed to be compatible with an e-mail client on the PC

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