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Hydrogen storage

Amidst a substantial surge in investment into hydrogen infrastructure across Europe, a noteworthy emphasis lies on advancing mobility applications powered by hydrogen. This strategic investment encompasses not only the development of cutting-edge technologies but also the establishment of crucial hydrogen fueling stations.

Therefore, ensuring the safety of hydrogen-related tanks and storage is paramount in this dynamic landscape, particularly given the volatile nature of hydrogen. Rigorous safety measures, bolstered by advanced technologies such as automatic seismic monitoring solutions, play a pivotal role in mitigating potential hazards. The continuous monitoring of seismic activity allows for swift responses to ground movements.

In the event of an earthquake, safety protocols are automatically initiated, involving the shutdown of processes, closure of valves, and the secure transition of the storage system. Redundancy safety systems further enhance reliability, typically in a 2oo3 (2 out of 3) configuration logic, where multiple seismic monitoring instruments must concur before activating safety measures.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certifications, i.e. IEC 61508 among others, emphasis the commitment to reliable seismic safety systems.

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