Motion sensors for vibration monitoring

Syscom provides different types of accelerometers and velocity meters in order to satisfy all the different needs in civil measurements and strong motion monitoring of structures.
The Motion Sensors (MS) are used in combination with specific recorders, and in many cases it is possible to choose between a built-in compact solution (the sensor is mounted inside the recorder case) and a flexible solution with external sensor.

The sensors available are:

  • MS2003+: velocity sensor (geophone)
  • MS2002+: MEMS accelerometer
  • MS2008+: MEMS accelerometer

The main sensors types

  • Geophones for velocity measurements. Typical applications are vibration monitoring on construction sites.
  • MEMS – micro electro mechanical systems, for acceleration measurements during strong motions. Typical applications are structural monitoring during earthquakes.
  • FBA – force balance accelerometer for high dynamic acceleration measurements. Typical applications are mostly related to geophysics and seismology.

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