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What Europe’s 2G and 3G network shutdown means for vibration monitoring instrumentation

Jun 21, 2023

Many mobile network operators in Europe have announced plans to shut down their 2G and 3G networks. The roll-out of network closures differs between participating countries, but the result is the same, a shift towards more modern network infrastructure. These changes are expected to free up resources to improve 4G and 5G network performance and support new applications and services.

For more information: GSM Association 2G-3G Sunset Guidelines

2G/3G Network shutdown

While most operators will end support for these networks by 2030, there are different shutdown timelines for different countries (please confirm these dates with your local operator):

  2G 3G
Austria  Already complete 2025
Belgium  2030 2025
Finland  2025 2023
France  2025 2028
Germany 2025 Already complete
Luxembourg 2030 2025
Norway 2025 Already complete
Sweden  2025 2025
Switzerland Already complete 2025
United Kingdom 2024 2025


Phase out challenges

The phase-out of 2G and 3G networks may create challenges for some users. Customers who still rely on older devices or have limited network coverage will feel the impact. For these users, upgrading or replacing existing devices, with newer hardware that supports 4G technology, is necessary.

Upgrading wireless vibration monitoring devices

Due to Syscom’s forward-looking manufacturing principles, our products are well positioned for network upgrades. All networked Syscom instruments are built with a swapable communication modem board for simple upgrade without the need of changing the whole instrument. 

Thankfully, existing MR3000 and MR3003 products have been manufactured with the network changes in mind. The previous MR3000 generation (MR3000C, MR3000TR, and MR3000BLA) can be upgraded with a new modem kit. Newer MR3003 instruments are already manufactured with 4G modems installed to accommodate 4G network communication protocols.

For some existing equipment manufacturers, upgrading devices to support the new network infrastructure may not be possible, and full replacement may be necessary. If your current devices need to be replaced, talk to us today about how to upgrade to Syscom infrastructure to protect your investment for the future.

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