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On-Demand Webinar: Managing Vibration Data with Syscom Cloud Software (SCS)

Feb 3, 2023

See what you missed: Managing Vibration Data with Syscom Cloud Software (SCS)

Vibration monitoring is a critical component to a project’s overall structural health, human comfort, and strong motion monitoring plan. Whether the vibrations are human-made or naturally occurring, vibration measurement can help to prevent structural damage, protect the environment and protect human lives.

For complete coverage of your project site, devices need to be installed at multiple points of interest. Cloud software makes remote data management for all the vibration monitoring devices at a site easy.

Syscom Cloud Software (SCS) is a dedicated data visualization platform for viewing, managing and reporting on vibration data, as well as a hub for managing alarms and warnings coming from the monitoring instruments in near real-time.

Listen to Syscom Instruments’ Andrea Bellino and Terra Insights’ Kevin Berlinger in a on-demand webinar that will provide insights on the SCS cloud software for the management of your vibration monitoring projects.

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Key takeaways from this recording are:

  • How to use SCS cloud software
  • How to manage multiple projects and devices
  • Notification and PDF report configuration
  • Access levels and permissions configuration
  • Data visualization and post-processing
  • Question and answer period


Andrea Bellino | Applications Engineer | Syscom Instruments

Andrea has a Master’s degree in Mathematical Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and also a PhD In Mechanical Engineering, focusing mainly on vibration measurements both in the mechanical and civil sectors.

In his PhD thesis he presented new techniques to estimate rock discontinuities during tunnel excavation with seismic methods. Andrea has authored 11 articles in international journals of vibration and geophysics and has been working at Syscom Instruments since 2015. In his current position as an Application Engineer, Andrea is responsible for a variety of marketing and sales activities, including working closely with Syscom’s partners across the globe.

Kevin Berlinger | Monitoring & Instrumentation Specialist | Terra Insights

Kevin has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and first joined the Terra Insights platform as a representative for RST Instruments. Kevin has a wealth of professional experience as a project and design engineer in water resources. He has also worked as a field and sales engineering consultant for both low voltage BMS monitoring and structural anchoring. Kevin currently resides in New York City and has been with Terra Insights for the past 2 years with a focus on bringing geotechnical monitoring solutions to the infrastructure market in the Northeast region of the US.

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