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New Firmware Update

Dec 12, 2022

MR3003 Suite of Products – Firmware
SYSCOM recently released the new firmware version v3.2.0 for MR3003 devices. Highlights of this release are listed below.

Wi-Fi connection

The MR3003 devices with Wi-Fi modules (MR3003C, MR3003TR, MR3003BLA) can now connect to a Wi-Fi network to have an internet connection, enabling remote wireless data acquisition. SIM card subscription costs can be eliminated when a Wi-Fi network is available. Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi is useful when a mobile network is weak or unavailable, for example, in the underground mining industry (among other applications).

Connectivity preference

On MR3003C, MR3003TR, MR3003BLA devices, the user can now choose the preferred internet connection, among the following three scenarios:

  • Cabled LAN solution between the MR3003 and a local router/switch.
  • Wi-Fi solution, in case of connection to a Wi-Fi network.
  • 4G Mobile solution, in case of mobile connection with a SIM card.

File overwriting on SD card

From now on, it is possible to choose to keep the same existing logic (which is the default logic) by forbidding overwriting or choosing to overwrite the oldest files, when 90% of the capacity of the SD card is reached.

Choice of the background recording start

It is now possible to decide when the periodic recording will start.

The example of the below picture shows a file duration of 24 hours, with start at midnight. Every day will be then covered by a new file.

Once the button APPLY is clicked, the instrument records a first background file until the periodic recording start, then all successive files will have the duration T.

Additional information for human comfort modes

New human comfort modes have been added for background recording. The new options include:

  • Peak+ Dominant Frequency+ KBFTi (DIN 45669-1)
  • Peak+ Vector Sum+ VDV aw (ISO 2631-1)
  • Peak+ Vector Sum+ VDV aw (ISO 2631-2)
  • Peak+ Vector Sum+ VDV aw (BS 6472-1)
  • RMS aw+ Vector Sum + RMS aw (ISO 2631-1)
  • RMS aw+ Vector Sum + RMS aw (ISO 2631-2)
  • RMS aw+ Vector Sum + RMS aw (UNI 9614)

Upgrade link:

Please consider that this new firmware version is a release candidate.

In order to have the most stable version, please consider the FW version 3.1.3:

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