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Syscom Instruments joins RST Instruments/Measurand/3vGeomatics

Oct 4, 2021

Industry-first, fully integrated data monitoring and analysis solution adds vibration and seismic instrumentation to portfolio to serve clients with safety, strong motion, and vibration monitoring needs.

RST Instruments/Measurand/3vGeomatics, a portfolio group of Vance Street Capital LLC companies today announced the acquisition of Syscom Instruments, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality vibration and seismic monitoring equipment for civil engineering, strong motion, and safety industries.

The acquisition augments RST/Measurand/3vGeomatics’s globally trusted below-ground and above-ground geotechnical technology with state-of-the-art seismic and vibration monitoring systems.

“By adding Syscom Instruments’ deep experience in vibration and seismic monitoring technology to our existing portfolio, we’ve continued to build on our comprehensive product offering with instrumentation trusted by clients,” Mark Price, CEO from RST/Measurand/3vGeomatics said. “The sensors designed by Syscom Instruments’ industry-leading expert engineers integrate tightly with RST and Measurand geotechnical and structural health instrumentation. When you combine that with 3vGeomatics’ InSAR technology, we can offer our clients an unprecedented level of data-backed insight into every aspect of their project’s operations.”

Syscom Instruments joins the portfolio group with 13 employees, six of whom are engineers. Combined, the four companies possess unparalleled geotechnical and monitoring expertise, with over 65 degreed engineers and geoscientists, serving over 1000 clients in over 60 countries, with a network of over 30 global partners.

“We are excited to join the RST/Measurand/3vGeomatics team, bringing to the group our high quality, high value-added product lines for vibration and earthquake measurement. Our sensors, recorders and software solutions for the civil engineering, strong motion and safety systems markets are a very good fit to the group’s existing product portfolio, creating a complete offering for all clients worldwide,” Maarten van der Reijden, Managing Director of Syscom Instruments said.

Founded in 1974, Syscom Instruments is headquartered in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. Syscom Instruments is a leading supplier of high-quality vibration and seismic monitoring systems for civil engineering, strong motion and safety industries.